Dealer and Reseller Registration


Dealer Sample Packs, are specifically designed for SME businesses and franchises to purchase a mix of the BOLT Locks innovative products. Each sample pack includes marketing material, products and an advertising freestanding sign with BOLT Lock.

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After you have registered as a Dealer and Reseller, you will receive a phone call to confirm details and you will be provide access to the BOLT Lock Australia Dealer Pricing.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

BOLT Lock Australia


90 Day Stock Replacement:

Within 90 of your business order from BOLT Lock Australia, if you arenít able to sell a specific product but you are selling other lines, BOLT Lock Australia is able to replace your businessís stock with products that are selling in your store. BOLT Lock Australia doesnít want your business to sit on stock or leave it on the shelf, so if you are having problems selling a product, BOLT Lock Australia will swap the product over for another product for free, if equal value. Your business is responsible for all delivery fees for the return and replacement of your businessís stock.

Interest Free Payments for Stockist Orders:

BOLT Lock Australia has OxiPay available for Stockist Order up to $1 400.00, you can sign up for free with them: OxiPay Login/Register

If you use a business credit card for purchases, only the person on the card can register for this. How it works is your business orders the stock and BOLT Lock Australia sends out the order as soon as possible and you only pay 25% up front, then a further 25% is taken from the credit card every 2 weeks until the amount is paid in full.

Promoting Your Business:

Your business details and website are added to the BOLT Lock Australia Website, your business is promoted on the BOLT Lock Australia Facebook Page and your business is added to the BOLT Lock Australia Click and Collect Delivery method for orders that are purchased through the BOLT Lock Australia Website.

Click and Collect:

Following day pickup is available for clients that purchase from the BOLT Lock Australia Website. The client will be given a choice at the check-out to select their preferred delivery method. One of those choices is to pick-up from the closest stockist. If they live within a 10km radius of your business, clients will be able to pick-up from your store, if you donít have the stock available, BOLT Lock Australia will express post the order to your business for client to pickup from your store.

Your store doesnít need to collect payment from the client, your store just need to supply the products. If your store has the products available in-store, then the full amount of the payment for the order will be credited to your business account, less any fees for processing the order. If your store doesnít have the stock, then BOLT Lock Australia will express post the order to your store and the stockist price, delivery and other fees will be taken out of the full payment of the order and the remainder is credited to your business account.

Promotions and Advertising:

BOLT Lock Australia is also willing to provide support, samples and promotional items for the events and expos your business attends. BOLT Lock Australia is also able to provided additional POS products and potentially additional personal to help you promote the BOLT Lock Products at the events you attend.


The * means the information is required. If you have any issues or problems with registration please contact BOLT Lock Australia via email: