Dealer and Reseller Registration


Register your business or organisation to gain access to Dealer Pricing and we will send you a FREE BOLT Lock Hitch Pin Receiver Lock with Key and POP Counter Stand. No Obligations to purchase and come with free delivery.

POP Stand and Receiver Lock can be seen on the right. Please note that the BOLT Lock Padlock is not included. Please note this is only available to retail businesses.

To register please fill out the online registration below or online: Dealer Account Registration.


Dealer Sample Packs, are specifically designed for SME businesses and franchises to purchase a mix of the BOLT Locks innovative products. Each sample pack includes marketing material, products and an advertising freestanding sign with BOLT Lock.

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After you have registered as a Dealer and Reseller, you will receive a phone call to confirm details and you will be provide access to the BOLT Lock Australia Dealer Pricing.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

BOLT Lock Receiver Lock with Key and POP Counter Stand


Who is eligible?

  • Retailer, Dealer or Reseller offering a wide variety of motor, recreational, leisure or off road products.
  • Clubs and Teams looking to raise funds for events and/or potentially increase profit margins.
  • Organisations that want to provide their clients, members and friends a discount on purchases of the BOLT Lock range.

What are we offering and potential benefits?

  • Dealer Access Accounts will be offered Dealer Pricing to purchase any quantity of the BOLT Lock range.
    • You can resell to your clients or members and purchase from BOLT Lock Australia directly under the Dealer Account.
    • Dealer Accounts are provided with an Access Code and this specific code can be used to identify which business or organisation they represent.
  • Marketing and Promotions:
    • Dealer Accounts will be promoted on the BOLT Lock Australia Website under our Where to Buy and Who's Using BOLT pages. Depending on your business or organisation.
    • BOLT Lock Australia will provide additional marketing through our network, marketing material and sample products, to help promote the BOLT Lock range to your clients and members.
    • Additional advertising maybe made available for selected Dealers at specific Events.
  • Dealer Account Access Code can be used to track clicks and sales on the BOLT Lock Australia Website and any sales associated with Your Code is allocated to your account.
    • Your clients and members can purchase direct from the BOLT Lock Australia website and by applying your Access Code in the Voucher/Coupon Code section at the check-out, your clients, members and family are rewarded with free delivery and a 10% discount on their purchase.
    • If you would like to place banner advertising on your website, we are able to track clicks and sales that come through the BOLT Lock Australia Website. When someone clicks on one of our BOLT Lock Banner Adverts on your website, your Access Code is recorded and the 10% discount and free delivery are automatically added to the Check-out.
    • This discount only applies to Retail Purchases and not Dealer Account Purchases.
  • BOLT Lock Australia is able to remunerate your business or organisation, for your clients and members purchases on the BOLT Lock Australia Website.
    • By paying the different between the Dealer Price and the Retail Purchase Price. BOLT Lock Australia is able to remunerate your business monthly for the sales that use your Access Code with any purchase.
    • A list of purchases maybe provided upon requested. Please note the information will be limited to what products and how many were purchased for each month.

For more information please register on our website or contact Tyrone and I will be able discuss details and create a promotion specifically for your business needs.

BOLT Lock Receiver Lock with Key and POP Counter Stand


The * means the information is required. If you have any issues or problems with registration please contact BOLT Lock Australia via email: